Where to begin?

  the light road

If you are reading this post you can be sure already that a twinkle of a light is growing inside of you. So let’s discover it!

Maybe you already know exactly what your dream is or maybe you have not a good idea yet about what the colors of your dream are.

Let me tell you a story, a short one, one of the many that bring light and smile to my day, every time I need a new beginning and don’t know just which corner of the picture I should pull first.

There’s a game I used to play as a kid with my sibling, a game no one taught us. A game that was easy, full of mystery and I bet, a game that every parent would want their kids to play.

We didn’t have many toys and days can get really long when you are small. But we did have something nobody would guess to turn into a game: a dictionary. Actually, two if you consider that was a dictionary written in two volumes.

And you might ask: how would two kids think of transforming a dictionary into a game? Here’s how!

I would take one volume and my sibling the other and we would open each randomly, find a word and dare the other one to guess what it means. We were only seven or eight years old back then and as easy as that is to imagine, we didn’t know so many words. At least not when put in front of a dictionary.

It was so much fun! Some words would be easy and make us laugh. But some, some of them would be completely new to us and they would challenge us to dare to lift the spell from what they meant. More so, they would dare us to try and imagine what they could be.

I have to say I still remember it to this day and still think it is one of the most entertaining games ever.

And if nobody taught you this game, I dare you to try it! Try it with your best friend, try it alone, why not? It will open a whole new world to your sight, one you have never thought about.

And here’s what it taught me and still teaches me to this day. You don’t know where to start? Just do! Take the next dictionary you find and open it, randomly.
Choose a word and play the game. You won’t know all of the words. Most of us don’t. And when you find one you never heard of, ask yourself:

“What could this mean? What does it mean?”.

And let your imagination play a song you have never heard before.

It will take you to other and other questions and before you know it you will have unveiled a whole new world. And who knows, it might bring you
to the very thing you will love doing every waking moment of your life.

Don’t start with the beginning! Just start. You will find that questions will bring you along the way to what some of us call the beginning anyway.

Their beginning does not have to be yours! 

Your beginning will have a different flavor. It’s called curiosity and it’s different for each of us.

Have fun and let me know what new words you learned and what are the colors of your dream they brought to your sight!


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