Today your dream is coming true!

So, maybe you did find some interesting words when you played the game in my last post. Then you woke up this morning and the sun was too shiny or the bed too warm or the coffee didn’t do it for you. Here’s how to shake that off and get your energy level skyrocketing!

Ask yourself this:

What is that amazing exciting shiny different thing I hear other people speaking about that I never understood but always wanted to?

Maybe it’s a game, maybe it’s a theory, maybe it’s a business that you always thought was interesting and profitable but you always though: that’s not for me!

It sounds too complicated! I don’t even understand how it’s done! I don’t even know where to read about it! But how would I love to get a grip on it! It just sounds so cool when others speak about it!

There’s one common thing about all of the things you think about in this way. They seem hard and like you won’t understand what they are about even if you try your hardest. Which is why you didn’t try it in the first place.

Imagine how cool would it feel to understand it! Take a moment. Close your eyes and feel how that would feel. Now that’s where you want to start! You can already feel the energy filling you up!

Maybe you can start a lesson about it in the next semester or maybe you will find someone to teach you about it.

Maybe … maybe… maybe.

No! Stop! Maybe in the next semester they won’t teach the beginning of the courseYou don’t want to wait until that starts! You want to start now! Dive right in!

Here’s how:

Step 1. Go ahead, open that dictionary and read exactly what it means. If you have no idea what I am speaking about, read my previous post.  

Step 2. Go and read online about it! If you find some word you don’t understand in the process, go back to that dictionary!

Step 3. Go and find some video that speaks about it! It will make it much easier to get a grip on things without making such a big effort!

Step 4. Remember this: You don’t have to fix your mind on making the effort so you can get a reward. Just do what feels naturalAsk questions about it! Simple ones. The simplest ones you can think of!

And in the process, don’t forget to smile when you get your answers. Because you will! And you have to enjoy it!

Because that’s your dream you’re building there! Right now! 

Let me know what is that thing you always wanted to know about but never felt like it’s for you!


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