Formula for happiness! Yes, numbers and all!

We always want more! More more more! Especially when it comes to happiness or what most of us see it like. But wait: there’s no such thing! What thing? Well, we don’t all see it the same!
So let me tell you how
I measure happiness… math and all!


If  # of things that I want and I have  ≥  # of things I don’t want and don’t have

then I’m happy!


By things I mean… well… I guess that’s for the future posts, but you can decide already for yourself. Try it: it will not just give you a chance to review a bit but also to bring some balance to your life.

The number of things you don’t want and don’t have is just as important as the number of things you want!

So go ahead: make 2 lists !

                         things that I want and I have                        |           things I don’t want and don’t have

Count them and then reflect a bit. Where can you add and where can you cut to bring things to equilibrium? I’m not saying this is how everyone should measure happiness, but it sure is a fun exercise and it will bring you a clear black on white update on how you really feel opposed to how you think you feel. This takes me to the next step: answer yourself these questions.

                 How I thought I felt before this exercise ?           |         How I actually feel after this exercise?

I hope this idea helps you see things at least a bit differently and with a more ‘hands on’ kind of behavior towards your goals.

What is your measure for happiness? Do you have one? If you don’t then maybe it’s a good idea to find it. Many times, we just feel down and that doesn’t reflect how we really feel about ourselves over all. And numbers, sometimes, can make the difference between a boring day and a cheerful one!


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