At the end of all things… that last human thought!

Did you ever watch a time lapse kind of video of a flower blooming?

There are many types of smiles a human can enjoy but there’s a certain kind of smile that comes at the sight of a flower growing under your eyes. Feel it?

Some people find motivation in thinking of themselves in the last moments of their life and wondering if they would think they lived the life they wanted. If they had the career they wanted, if they said ‘I love you’ to the right person, if they lived their dreams or not.

Some time ago I came across a thought that was just as scary as it was beautiful and comforting. And when I have a bad day, it brings me back to myself and my goals. So I will share that with you today.

If there’s one thing relativity taught me, it is that beyond all formulas for time, space and the last two mixed up in a way I still cannot imagine, there’s the reality of the fact that we are at the mercy of things we can’t control.

Did you ever see the difference between the size of one of us and the size of a galaxy? Reflect on that for a moment if you didn’t.
No, I’m not here to teach you physics! I will let those who know how, do that. By the way, I dare you to hate a relativity lecture. You would be the first one. I do strongly believe that.

And if you don’t know what relativity is, go back to my post “Where to start?” and find out.

We don’t know how much time we have, curved or not 🙂 . That is a fact. And we don’t know if we will be happy at the end of it with our choices, but here’s a question.

What if what I think in that last moment just before we get going into a black hole or something of the sort… what if I can think the kind of thought nobody ever did? 

What if that were you? What if  after all the struggles you put yourself through every day for finding that place no one has ever seen, your beautiful new thought will come alive just before all trace of humans is lost forever?

It’s true, no one would ever get to know about it. You wouldn’t make any money from it. You wouldn’t get to be famous or loved for it.

But you would get to think the kind of thought that would make this world a beautiful place right until the last moment. You would get to experience the kind of thing no one ever had as a human.

You would bring a new beautiful breath-taking thought to life… just for the sake of humans having had it… just for the beauty of it.

And isn’t that a comforting thought?

That we are here for as long as we may and the kind of thoughts you can think will only make us all more beautiful and whole.

The kind of thought you would have would add to a legacy of beautiful beings having existed at all.

And that thought brings me the kind of smile I feel when I watch a flower bloom right under my eyes.


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