How many?

How many times have you had a day in which you just didn’t feel like it’s that day in which your dream will happen or evolve or just be? You looked around yourself and said:

Well, tomorrow is a new day!

And no, I’m not speaking about work. Your dream is the one thing that brings you alive and fills you with passion with just a moment of thinking of it. It gives you the kind of drive that will never, ever feel like work.

If you know what your dream is, you know exactly what I’m speaking about. And if you don’t, wouldn’t you want to find in your life, from deep within you, that sparkle that will light the saddest of your days? Yes… I thought so!
So let’s find a way to flip this bad mood over in just an instant, anytime it happens!

Yes, tomorrow is another day. And it just might be the best one ever! But for now look at your watch. Look at it! Stare at it until something changes.

 Stare at it until the number for the next minute changes. Breath through it while you are waiting. Count your breaths. Do so! Count them!

Now listen to the sounds around you. Maybe you are out on a street, on a bench in a park. Look around you! What is happening? People walking? How many? Count them! Do! Brids flying? Tell me? How many of them?

How many people of those you looked at, smiled? How many times, since the moment you looked at that watch did you smile? How many times? Count them! And write the number down.

I hope it’s a big number. But I bet it’s a big zero. How many minutes has it been since you smiled?

How many minutes has it been since you thought of your dream? How many minutes has is been since you felt that drive that you know it just changes everything within you?

Tomorrow is another day!
But now is always a new beginning.

Every moment of every waking minute can be a new beginning. And it is so!

Ask yourself this.

How many smiles am I willing to let go just because it’s not yet tomorrow? How many colors of my dream won’t come to life  just because it’s not yet tomorrow?

Tomorrow is a new day and when it comes you will be there right in front of your dream and beyond it… if you just smile right now!


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