Ignore flying teapots!

Don’t respond to negativity! Simply ignore it.

Yes… so easy to say! Ok, it’s hard. But here’s a way to make it easy… actually not easy… even better: fun!

Imagine the bad things other people say to you or about you as huge flying pieces of… well… you decide: cakes, trees, teapots, books, furniture, that they throw at you.

Now imagine that for a moment, you watch them flying towards you in   s l o w   m o t i o n. Look at them! What color are they? Shapes?

And just before they hit you forget they even exists. Spoof!

Now look at the scene as if you were someone else. And imagine observing the moment just before that teapot hits… and turns into a rain of flowers, all of the colors of the painting on the teapot. 


2 thoughts on “Ignore flying teapots!

    • You see… that was kind of my point. I guess the artistic part of it distracts from all the lessons we can learn from this. Ignore the ugly, take all of the beauty! Because there is beauty in negativity, if you know how to look at it. It’s up to us how we handle the ugly. And I choose to see it as a metamorphose of a very concentrated amount of beautiful helpful lessons. Ignore the source, look deeply into the message, take control of it and… spoof!

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