Don’t put all your quacks ahead of you!

Imagine you’re a mama duck swimming away with your ducklings on a beautiful lake. How do you picture it? 

Are they ahead of you or are they behind you? Are they part of what you have or are they leading you?
Are your dreams your goals or the things you want to bring to light?

Do you see them as things you own, want to uncover, bring to life or things you like to achieve?

Are you chasing them or reorganizing them so that you can present them to the world when the time is right?

It’s a good idea to let every once in a while one of them lead. It might bring new ideas and new views.
But make no mistake: your quacks are all beautiful and you already have them deep down.
If you are chasing them and they are all over the place, it just might be… they are not your own.

So, look inside, reorganize them and decide: which quack will take the lead for now? It’s your call!


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